Let someone you know you're thinking of them by sending them the perfect gift combination. Send them (or yourself!) the perfect gift of a hand poured scented soy wax candle in our gorgeous new marbled stone vessels!


Handmade from Stonecast


Set includes:


* Marbled scented candle in your choice of fragrance

* Candle wick trimmer in black

* Handmade card


GREY: Seaweed & Juniper


PINK; Vanilla & Coconut



* Vegan friendly

* Cruelty free

* No added colours

* Phthalate free

* !00% soy wax - no wax additives

* Trimmers made from sturdy stainless steel


RRP: £35.00


Candle Dimensions: 8cm x 8cm


Burn time: 32 hours approx

Marbled Stone Candle Gift Set


    A breezy revitalising and refreshing blend of zesty bergamot, juniper, seashells and driftwood.

    Top Notes: Sicilian lemon, orange flesh and zesty bergamot.

    Middle Notes: Juniper, rosemary, tea tree and pine.

    Base Notes: Soft musk and white cedarwood.



    Float away on a cloud of rich mouth-watering vanilla pods entwined with soft powdery hints of creamy coconut, white chocolate and a whisper of fresh candy floss. Perfectly balanced with sensual white musk, crystalline amber and precious woods. 

    Top Notes: Coconut, Floral Notes