The stunning Limited Edition scents, have you tried them yet before they go?!


They're here in Larger and more ECO conscious packaging with 90g of wax per pack.


In trying to be as sustainable as possible without compromising the product quality I’ve switched to the most eco friendly packaging currently on the market for wax melts. Made from recycled Polypropylene (rPP) it is an already reused material which can again be recycled due to its compatibility if mixed with other polymers.


* Vegan friendly

* Cruelty free

* Phthalate free

* No added colours

* 100% soy wax - No wax additives

* Recycled paper labelling 

* Recycled rPP packaging



Wax Melts - Limited Edition Heart Shape

  • SALTED CARAMEL: A gorgeous sweet treat with buttery top notes and just a touch of saltiness, rounded out with caramel, coconut, vanilla and creamy condensed milk.

    Top Notes: Hazelnut, Sea Salt

    Middle Notes: Crème Caramel, Candied Pecan

    Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Condensed Milk


    BLACK ROSE & OUD: Oriental, woody and floral, Black Rose & Oud ticks all the right boxes. A complex concoction of a rare dark resinous heartwood, oud wood originates from South-East Asia and is widely sort after by perfumers across the world from the most renowned fragrance houses. Infused with patchouli, cinnamon bark, clove leaf and palmrosa, this sensual and rich blend of rare oud wood and exotic spices is the perfect accompaniment for the rose and geranium top notes.

    Top Notes: Rose, geranium, saffron and pepper

    Middle Notes: Rose, clove leaf, cinnamon bark, nutmeg and palmrosa

    Base Notes: Oud wood, musk, patchouli and vanilla


    PEONY & WHITE ROSE: A sensual floral blend. At its core are peony and lily intertwined with bergamot, white musk and touches of amber, cedar and lily.

    Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon Peel

    Middle Notes: White Rose, Lily

    Base Notes: Cedar, Musk


    Hawaiin Honey Blossom: A hint of the tropics is found in this floral scent. With a medley of hibiscus flowers, star jasmine and honey are intertwined by notes of amber, lily of the valley and just a touch of milky softness.

    Top Notes: Pineapple, Lime

    Middle Notes: Star Jasmine, Hibiscus

    Base Notes: Honey, Amber



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