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Ever wanted to take your favourite Candle Collective UK scents on the road with you? Now you can with our refillable high-quality Refillable Car Diffusers!

Presented in high-quality 5 ml frosted glass bottle with branded wooden lid. Comes complete with diffuser bottle, lid, bee antena scent reeds & vent clip.


Also bought with our Reed Diffuser Refill so you can keep your favourite scent topped up! 

Reed Diffuser Refill is 140ml of scent, enought to fill 28 Car Diffusers! 


* Place and remove careafuly from car vents. For best resuts place in middle car vents to spread scent evenly and avoid fast absorbtion from direct sunlight.

Refillable Car Diffuser

  • Instructions for use: 

    - Carefully remove all packaging, unscrew the lid and remove the plastic bung. Screw lid back on (DO NOT over-tighten) ensuring a secure fit, drop the 2 bee antenna diffuser sticks into the designated spaces on the wooden lid.

    - Please note reeds may discolour from the natural shade of the oils.

    - Please be aware that reed diffusers are affected by their conditions, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can reduce their lifespan, as this causes the liquid to be soaked up by the reeds at a faster rate.

    - Simply allow the fragrance to soak into the reeds like a traditional home diffuser. Note: this is not a sealed unit. When filled, the diffuser contents need to be kept upright to avoid spillage. In case of spillage wipe immediately with a moist absorbent cloth. 

    - Car diffuser can take 48 hours to activate, the reeds work very similarly to a traditional reed diffuser, so the fragrance needs time to soak up the reeds and soak the lid - Depending on the fragrance this can take a few days to get to full scent throw! 


    Safety Information;

    - Keep diffusers out of reach of children & pets

    - Do not place on a painted/high gloss/or porous surface

    - IF swallowed please seek immediate medical advice

    - If the product gets in the eyes rinse with cold water for several minutes and if irritation persists seek medical advice/attention

    - If the product gets on skin please wash with soap and water. If irritation occurs please seek medical advice/attention.

    - Always keep any packaging for future reference

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