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It's World Candle Day!

Hey Collective,

Exciting news, Sunday 1st March marks the first World Candle Day. I love that candle associations in Europe and all across the globe have come together to announce the day and take note of this hard working creative industry! It'll be held on this date each year now going forward, I'm so blessed and grateful to be able to create and share with you all.

Being a chandler allows me to be creative while helping make memories where scent is so closely linked! It's the reason Candle Collective UK began! with the idea to scent my wedding day so that I could create a link to that scent to always transport me back to our special day.

Get involved and get your candle to celebrate and share the love with others! Between now and 8th March 2020 get FREE shipping on all orders over £15. Comment and tell me about your best scent memory?

Happy World Candle Day

Carol X

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