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Create Enchanting Garden Moments with our Candles and Wax Melts

Hi Collective, as the warm breeze and longer evenings entice us to spend more time outdoors, why not boost your garden experience with the soft glow and delightful fragrances of our candles and wax melts?

At Candle Collective UK, we have the perfect selection to add a touch of enchantment to your outdoor oasis.

Here are a few ways you can enhance your garden bringing your home fragrance outdoors.

Tip #1 - Magical Evenings:

Illuminate your garden gatherings with candles outdoors. Place them strategically on your patio, deck, or in lanterns to stop the wind blowing them out, to create a warm and inviting ambiance that encourages lingering conversations and unforgettable memories.

Tip #2 - Mesmerising Pathways

Line your garden paths and walkways with our soy wax tea lights and add battery operated candles for the areas pets mights get to, the glow of a real candle without the worry of an open flame! Enjoy the mesmerising beauty as they lead the way through your garden, guiding your steps with elegance and charm.

"I LOVE my Holiday Memories candle so much and burn it most nights. I bought it to make my new place feel more cosy and it looks beautiful." – Julia Day

Tip #3 - Relaxing Retreats:

Designate a cosy corner or a serene nook in your garden as a peaceful retreat. Enhance the tranquility with our scented wax melts, delicately releasing their relaxing aromas and enveloping you in a blissful sense of calm and relaxation, we recommend Lime, Mandarin & Basil.

Tip #4 - Al Fresco Dining Delights:

Set the mood for your outdoor dining experiences with our scented candles or eco reed diffuser. Their enticing fragrances will complement the delectable aromas wafting from your grill, creating an unforgettable sensory feast for you and your guests.

Tip #5 - Intimate Garden Parties:

Plan a romantic evening under the stars with our elegant frosted glass jar candles. Place them in hurricane jars or candelabras on your outdoor table and let their gentle glow set the stage for an intimate and enchanting gathering.


At Candle Collective UK, I take pride in offering high quality candles and wax melts that are hand poured in small batches.

Head to the website or visit me at a makers market in person to explore the full range of candles, wax melts and diffusers.

Wishing you lots of unforgettable moments in your garden sanctuary this summer.

Carol. X

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